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What is Snail Cream?

Snail Treatment

You have heard about snail cream on the news, on fashion blogs in magazines and on the grape vine, but what is snail cream and what does it do? Lets be clear from the start, Snail Cream is a beauty cream or moisturizer that contains a snail based extract. In most cases this would be in the form of Phyto-Mucin, a compound derived from the mucus generated by snail slime. Before you go screaming at the thought, nobody expects you to put snail slime on your face. Most snail based beauty products will resemble any other beauty product and merely contain the active ingredients derived from snails to deliver the many benefits snail slime can give.

How was Snail Slime Discovered?

Snail Slime has been used by the ancient Greeks to modern day plastic surgeons charging up to $600 per treatment, so this is not a new idea. In fact, our ancestors used Snail Slime to help heal wounds realising the magical properties of snail slime early on. Hippocrates, a famous physician used crushed snail shell with milk to treat inflammation. In more modern times, Chilean farmers producing Escargot for French cuisine noticed how smooth their skin became when handling the snails, and thus the potential of snail slime was discovered.

So you can be sure the practice is safe and tested over hundreds of years. Today, we can benefit from snail slime without the yucky sticky issue of dealing with snail slime by delivering the active compounds in a light cream.


How is Snail Cream Made?

Snail Cream is produced by collecting the slime generated by snails, in the case of our skin cream, the 'Dioscorea Japonica' species of snail. Farms rear large volumes of snails and collect the slime naturally left by the snails. In the natural environment, when snails become agitated or travel, they produce mucus which contains the organic compounds we require to create a cream. This mucus is then harvested, filtered & pasteurized to purify and the active ingredients extracted then blended with other ingredients to create a cream or gel, just like any other beauty product.

What is in Snail Cream?

Our Snail Cream contains a rare blend of ingredients exclusive to our range. Other creams may differ by what it contains to the effects they produce.

There are a number of active ingredients in snail slime, after all, snails need to protect themselves from bacteria on the ground, UV rays, heat and damage to their skin, and their mucus is designed to protect them from all these dangers, we can too.

Snail Slime produces a cocktail of naturally occurring chemicals such as proteins, vitamins and antioxidants to stimulate skin cells and keep your skin healthy. The mucus also contains other beneficial compounds from anti-microbials to fight infection to hyaluronic / glycolic acids and copper peptides to rejuvenate and heal skin.

Our skin also includes a unique compound found in our species of snail known as 'Phyto-Mucin' which helps the skin retain moisture and increase the production of elastin leading to a more youthful look complexion while fading wrinkles and lines. The Phyto-Mucin is derived from a special species of snail 'Dioscorea Japonica' and is farmed in the Far East. Our Skin Cream does not stop there. Skin79 Golden Intensive Snail Cream is blended with a variety of rare and exclusive ingredients to produce the most sought after Snail Cream on the market. Other ingredients include:

  • Phyto-Mucin
  • Gold
  • 6 Year Old Red Ginseng
  • Sea Birds Nest
  • 7 Patented ingredients including: Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract, Portulaca Extract

Skin79 Snail Cream

What Benefits Does Snail Cream Give?

The great thing about Snail Cream is that it delivers many benefits for the skin in one package. Cheaper products may only contain a small amount of active ingredients and not much else so the benefits may be limited, however our cream is developed to produce the best effect your skin has seen yet leaving it looking fresher, younger and deeply nourished.

  1. Anti Ageing: Phyto Mucins will increase collagen and elastin making your skin look younger and firmer, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  2. Hydrating: The cream leaves your skin deeply nourished and moisturized via a light cream without stickyness
  3. Correct Skin Damage: A combination of vitamins, anti-microbials & gold extract help heal skin tackling scars, acne, dark spots and reducing effects of skin damage
  4. Brighten: Brighten your complexion and look fresher & more youthful with Niacinamide and Adenosine Snail Cream and slow down the affects of age, help correct skin damage and give you a more youthful fresher look to your skin.

How to use Snail Cream?

Snail Cream is as easy to use and live with like any other high quality beauty cream. Clean your skin using your usual routine. We advise that you avoid soap or any other abrasive scrubs and pat your face dry. Simply apply the cream to your face by applying a small amount on your fingertips and massage into your skin.

What People Say About Snail Cream

When I tell people about snail cream, they turn up their noses at the thought of putting snail slime on their skin, what they don't know is that the cream is actually, well, just like a cream. It's probably the case that many people have not heard about snail cream yet, even though snail cream has hit the news already about the amazing benefits it gives you. Many bloggers have reviewed snail based products with good results and newspapers have investigated the phenomenon with positive results: Read what other people have to say about Snail Cream:


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